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How counselling can help

There are many different reasons for coming to a counsellor

The difficulty may have been around for a long time, perhaps going away and coming back again repeatedly, or it may have come up suddenly. You may know what the cause of the difficulty is, or there may be no apparent explanation. However the problem affects you, counselling could help you to make sense of your experience and enable you to make positive changes.

Here are some examples of situations in which people often find counselling helpful and the ways in which it can work.

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 anxiety or panic

 making a difficult decision

 dealing with a bereavement or another important loss

 coming to terms with past experiences

 sorting out relationship difficulties

 feeling bad about yourself

 losing your temper when you don’t want to

 feeling very sad or depressed

 coping with disabilities and chronic health issues

 financial problems

 problems with parenting

 stress at work

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